What a chump!

Do you ever give people some cracking advice and then forget to do it yourself?

A while ago, on a forum, I suggested someone who was having lots of aches took some Cod Liver Oil capsules. Obviously, I told them to check with their doc first but the idea came from one of our family dogs who years ago suffered from aches joints. Mum used to bury a pill or two in his food and it made no end of difference to his ability to be mobile.

So, I have a visitor later today who I’ve asked to get me some. Watch this space for me dancin’ and wangin it up and down stairs. Please. Fingers crossed!

2 responses to “What a chump!

  1. On your own advice – Check with Chakkers first!!! – (Could be a catchphrase there somewhere?) – and bear in mind it was for rheumatics – maybe worth a try but ONLY if he approves!

  2. Drawn to your blog and really inspired by your practical attitude and sense of humour.

    If you would like look me up on website above. Would love to receive an email from you or be able to ask you a few questions if poss

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