How does it FEEL?

Apart from the side effects which I seem to whinge on about, I guess people are interested in how it ‘feels’ to have cancer? If you’re not…waltz on by, I won’t be offended!

I am not talking about the emotional, for once! But the physical.

Well since it moved to the brain, what’s changed? Mostly the physical feelings do not really seem to be connected as such. The legs, the moonface, the tiredness etc.

But the bits that are connected are slightly odd, but relevant. One thing I notice is that when I type, I become very aware that words and text could actually go 2 ways. It is automatic, in the Western world, to just right left to right and that’s how it is. Suddenly when I write, I realise it could go the other way. I don’t and I don’t feel a need to or a desire to. But it’s a strange awareness.

Sometimes I get an almost nice feeling across my sinuses like when you have a blocked sinus and it’s clearing. I like it.

I get little lights very infrequently. Seeing the (yawntastic) film Avatar reminded me how many little lights I get now that I never used to. They’re my little fairies and I quite like them.

As my steroids reduce, I get a little ache sometimes in my neck, or a little ache at the back of my head. But it comes as soon as it goes.

That’s about it, I think. Maybe I’ll remember more and stick a note here when I do.

It’s really not too bad 🙂

3 responses to “How does it FEEL?

  1. You truelly something else, sooo inspiring, strong, and amazing. You never seem to stop surprising me, every time I read your website it knocks me for six. All I can say is WOW!!!!!!!

  2. sorry about the spelling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Sarah,,,, you are like the book “What Katy did Next “, you turn a page and there is a new story, we check everyday to see how you are feeling. we look out for the updates on face book to follow your wit and banter…. my eyes are stinging with tears, i wont ever want to get to the last page ! You know that dont you… I do love you my friend….

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