The Beard.

I have a beard. I am actually sitting here with a beard. Facial hair. On my face. Beard like. Beard. Beard. Facial hair. What do I do? Panic. Hide. Get down a bunker. Shave. Colour. Laugh. Cry. Off with the head?

Facial hair. Beard. Oh my helluva. Whatever next.

3 responses to “The Beard.

  1. its not a beard, its just a bit of downy hair, its not actual beardy weirdy stuff, although it does seem a bit odd that while your head hair is gone, you are growing a bit of chin fluff….. random indeed

  2. Look a bit closer SJ – the head hair is actually starting to re-appear!

  3. “Whatever next?” – Usually joining CamRA and going to a real ale festival are the next stages.

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