Ooh we might burn in hell but I did laugh

I woke up in the night wondering if it might me a nice thing to do to visit Lourdes with my Mum. I know very little about the place apart from lots of religious and hopeful sick people go there. My mum is religious and I wondered if it might be a nice thing to do together. Maybe visitig elsewhere with Daddy separately as he is not religious. Well neither am I, but that’s not the point.

Anyway, dropped Mum an email about it to gauge reaction. Names not being named and tales not being told, we have decided that it would be akin to a trip to Blackpool with postcards of Jesus that wink at you if you hold the angle right, and the Virgin Mary through the rock.

Kiss me quick hat, anyone?

2 responses to “Ooh we might burn in hell but I did laugh

  1. Chris says Loudes is just as you describe having been there and he promises to save you a place downstairs when you get there!

  2. Naaa don’t want a hat thanx……stick of rock maybe?!!!!! Do u reckon u’ll go on the rollercoaster?!!

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