How do you get over THAT?

People tell me that my story and attitude is inspirational. I appreciate it but I honestly think you do what you do when faced with something. I don’t know any other way.

And then I contradict myself.

Someone emailed me about someone they’d met at a networking a breakfast who’d lost their husband in the 9/11 disaster. She was 7 months pregnant at the time.

How the HELL do you start to get on with life then?

There is inspirational all around. Stop whinging about the stupid stuff. Or whinge a lot and then laugh at yourself. Yeah. That sounds better….can’t be serious all the time. Or even much of the time.

2 responses to “How do you get over THAT?

  1. lol – whinging and laughing here!

    You are a daft cow sometimes!

  2. I tend to laugh at most things in life – which can really get on people’s nerves! BUT it is only a defence mecanism I think, but by jove it does you good! love you xx

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