I sit here now in my new front room with a BIG smile. The sun is streaming through the window and the lounge looks vaguely up together. Most of the kitchen is put away. The bathroom looks clean and tidy. The bed has a gorgeous man sleeping in it. The world is fabulous. We won’t mention the spare room at this juncture.

I am so grateful to Neil, SJ, Becs, Geoff, Dave (JOHN!) who ran around taking orders. Great to have such lovely friends and BIG thanks to those who offerered. Helen excelled herself by making it so that we arrived to bubbled on the doorstep. Big smiles at that, too.

Move Smooth were brilliant at co-ordinating the transport for getting everything moved. If you’re gonna move residentially, or business wise, I highly recommend them.

Just got to find and write the Valentines card now before the beauty awakes and I am found out!

4 responses to “Moved SMOOTH

  1. Hey there – congrats to you both. Can you pm your new address please as have a little pressie here for you xxx

  2. Cooo! Well done to you both. New starts are exhausting and exciting. We finished our move on Friday and I think I have just got my energy back (it was in a box in the spare room). I hope the sun keeps streaming in, the bubbles keep bubbling and the man keeps smiling at you. x

    Big love.
    Karen x

  3. I wondered where the sunny periods that were forecast for here today had gone

    Now I know – but you are welcome to them

    LOL to you both x

  4. You have a beautiful man in a beautiful home together. It was a pleasure to be part of such a special day for you. The sunshine was pre-ordered by SJ, she thinks of everything that girl! x

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