I'm gonna be better soon…

I called Chakkers today. Mainly because I am running out of meds and don’t have an appointment til next week. But had a good chat with him. I’m already down to 2 steroids a day and it looks like another week and I may me off them. Hip doody. I hope so. Then my face can stop being a Moonpig and I won’t be giving the International Moustache Competition and entry form. But most of all my legs might get going again. I can’t tell you how awesome that would be.

Chakkers reckons the legs thing is a mixture of the aftermath of radio and the steroids. Clearly both essential but also take a few weeks to wear off after treatment.

I accept it, but having been so fiercely independent and capable for 35 years, it’s hard.

(there was more to this yesterday, but is disappeared and I can’t rememeber what I wrote. Waffle prolly. If I think of anything I missed, I’ll repost seperately.

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