What a fabulous day I'm having

I woke to brilliant sunshine for the first time since arriving here. How fabulous – just as I imagined it would be. Nearly blinded by the light off the sea. Fantastic.

Then I had a feeling my legs felt better than for ages. I was right, I NEARLY got up from a chair without arms aiding me.

Then I went shopping with Neil for homely bits and legs were fine. In fact the rest of me was fine, too. Except the wallet maybe a teensy bit.

And I called the Cancer Centre in a flap to get some more chemo tablets and they said I have a week off. Yippee. Not that I have side effects so far (did I mention that!?) (from them, anyway!). 2 weeks on and 1 off. Still got to take the steroids, but only 2 a day and definitely sticking with the Cod Liver Oil and Lansoprazole but I have gone from 21 tablets a day to 3 for this week.

I really should go get a scratch card, huh?!

6 responses to “What a fabulous day I'm having

  1. Glad you are feeling so much more up.

    Don’t know about a scratchcard, may be a Euro lottery ticket, try picking numbers that have a special meaning for you

  2. Wow – Excellent x

  3. Forgot to say – Thanks to Virgin Mary, St Jude and everyone (including in Africa!!) who are praying for you x

  4. Must be nice not to be rattling so much! Have you got a colour-coded spreadsheet to help you take them all in the right order?
    Reading every day – don’t often note but you’re seldom far from my mind. Haven’t forgotten that you were the most supportive person on 4N when I was thinking through the whole Proof Fairy thing! AND I never claimed the day of your help I won in that 4N raffle a long while ago!! 🙂

  5. Good for you sweetie. Hope you brought/bought (never know which!) some nice stuff. See you soon love you xxxx

  6. Uncle Pete and Aunty Chris

    Glad you are having some good days and hopefully the legs will soon be back to normal. Your new home sounds lovely, let us have your new address sometime. Thinking of you all the time, lol xxxx

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