Ain't no stopping me now…

I’m on the move…

Well, what can I say. The PMA is back with a vengance and I’ve had another great day! I woke at 8am and could see the sun was shining through the blind.

I stuck to my plan of getting at least one bag or box cleared and put away. In fact I did several. And admin. And I decided that today would be the day that I would venture out. On my own. For the first time since Christmas. For a variety of reasons, I haven’t done so. A mixture of feeling poorly, not being able to drive, not being able to walk properly, dizzy spells etc. I have only been out accompanied and I decided as the mobility is improving a little, it’s time.

So, off I went on the bus. Narrowly escaping having to watch Star Wars with the boy who returned earlier than I expected. (See even more blessings!). The bus stop is just round the corner and no sooner had I arrived, than it did. £1.00 for me to ‘hop on and off all day’ (stooooop it!) and I was off. Lovely lady for me to natter to a bit. 5 minutes and I was at the Dolphin Centre. My only objective being buying bread really. In M&S cos I didn’t want to wander too far on my first excursion. Now have discovered they do bread in Wilkos as well. And Greggs now I think of it but that’s out the other doors and for today, that was out of bounds.

2 new hats and a T-shirt from Primarni. A card. Mascara. The bread (and some chocolate raisins for the boy) from M&S and 3 bags of crisps (also for the boy). A browse in Next, Animal, the candle shop and Wilkos and I was ready for a hot chocolate in BBs. Wandered back out to the bus and it pulled up. All was perfect. I did the rest of the circular route and am delighted to report I can get pretty much everywhere I want and need to very easily. It’s only 1 mile walk from home into town but for now I am pretty sure I couldn’t do that and any walking on top. And on the way home, I met the same nice old lady who was on the way there. Perhaps we will be bus buddies!!!

At 35, it does feel more than weird to be excited about getting a bus and going to town on my own. But that’s life at the moment and it’s fun. I need to get out more. And I am going to.

3 responses to “Ain't no stopping me now…

  1. Sarah – what a lovely post today. You sound really happy in your new home and glad you went out on your own and did clothes shopping!!!! I would have been dissapointed if no clothes were bought on a shopping trip. Big snogs xxxxxxxx

  2. Princess, I’m speechless everyday, I’m always checking your blog, twice sometimes three times a day and you’re always in my thoughts. Lots of love xxx

  3. Oh honey, so pleased, when I saw you other night I said it was like having you back, little tears now, happy ones for a change, love you sooooooo much non lesbionics xxxxx SJ xxxxxxx

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