Ok so I need to stop now!

Another fab day. Out for wedding flower viewing and lunch (3 hours!) at the Cow. Met by Jax and her buddy for a catch up. Couldn’t get up from the sofa, cue them wanting to help me. Me being fiercly stubborn and refusing. Not wanting to cause a scene. Probably got more looks with the hubbub than if they’d pulled me up. Ho hum, I did it own my own eventually. Managed to walk from the car back to the house through the weird slushy, very slippery snowy stuff without going down. Finished off the braising steak and dumpling dinner that I’d put on before I went out. Oooooh, I’m very Nigella. It went down a treat.

But crikey, I am knackered now. Happy but knackered. No plans tonight and no plans tomorrow, so that’s all good, just gonna chill.

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