Is there a cure?

Broccoli. Reiki.
Chocolate. Crystals in a Pocket
Vitamins. Things in tins
Prayers. Chairs.
Nuts. Doughnuts? mmm
Pills. Thrills.
My head fills.

What to do?

Love. Laugh. Do a bit of what I am drawn to. Like I always have, I guess.

3 responses to “Is there a cure?

  1. Hey, your PMA counts for ALOT….I reckon with that you’re going to go a long way baby!

  2. If only everything could be solved with doughnuts – life would be so much more fun!!!! (And okay, we’d all be a damned sight fatter too, but that’s a small price to pay for doughnut therapy!)

  3. I’m in for the donuts and thrills 🙂

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