Manic Monday, except it's Tuesday!

Oh golly, what a snappy pants I have been today! Sorry to those who were on the receiving end.

It was a good day except I think I tasked myself with wanting to do too much and then got frustrated when running behind schedule and I can’t deal with multitasking so well at the moment. Even to the extent of trying to speak and put food on plates at the same time. What with that and the hairy face scenario and now an inabilty to multitask, I must admit, I am starting to wonder if I’m grow a wonka any time soon.

Hospital update. Not much news really. Chakkers not worried at all about any side effects – all down to the steroids apparently and we have a plan to reduce them further. I was asking about physio for my legs, circulation (have FREEZING legs and feet except when I go to bed). He was very firm that I just need to relax and not push my body. No exercises recommended – just keep mobile, don’t sit in bed all the time (as if!?) and let my body do what it needs.

The actual process at the hospital frustrated the hell out of me and led me being a right snappy pants. There over 2 hours for what should have been a simple consultation and prescription but no one told me to get there 30 mins early and get bloods done. So have had to come away without the chemo drugs and need to collect those tomorrow to start another 2 weeks of tablets. Ho hum, positive head back on, it’s the first time since June I have been really annoyed with the service, so really can’t complain…the NHS I still think we are extremely lucky to have. Good point, they got blood out of me first time. 7 attempts Boxing Day which I think was last time they took blood.

So in a mood, we dropped my friend off who had also had an appt in the hospital (sorry to keep you there so long, sweetie. Kept tell myself it was nice for you to be out and about, but must admit, would have chosen a better venue!).

Managed to get Dad a parking ticket with my spacker badge as he parked in permit holders only and a spacker sticker is not a permit. Apparently!

Then on to the dump to dump an old chair. Which we missed the closing time by 5 mins so Dad has gone home with it and needs to dump it his end (sorry poppa smurf).

Nothing to whinge about in Tesco, and pleased with the way I power shopped round, ably assisted by Mum. Did have a ‘oh shut up child’ moment which was a bit loud. But so was the child. Touche.

Home and shopping away, thinking about dinner, putting shopping away, hungry. Snap snap snap.

Food done. Yummy home made Scotch Eggs from mummy and a buffet with cakes and biscuits by mummy calmed me down. Clearing up by Neil.

Pirate nonsense, Scrabble, chats and laughs with Neil and Margaret the final calm down and now ready for the pit.

Good night world. I will greet you and do very little with you tomorrow but find teeny tiny things to marvel over.

3 responses to “Manic Monday, except it's Tuesday!

  1. Well waiting around with you guys wasn’t a chore at all. As you rightly worked out it was just nice for me to be out and about and as they say it’s not where you are but who you are with! Plus, I got some bootiful hats into the bargain. All in all a good day out from my point of view. Thanks again to Ma & Pa Howells for looking after me too. Sending BIG love to you all. Jax

  2. What snappy pants? Didn’t notice them

    Frustrating for you that the timings didn’t go according to plan – but we did get to cover nearly all of what you wanted to do – but as your Dad said ‘Best laid plans of mice and men and all that …….’

    Let’s hope they have the prescription ready for you today

    Thanks to Neil for all the clearing up, what a gem you have there!

    All in all, a great day had with you – and good to meet a couple of your friends – again (apologies that we didn’t remember them from the Pash Bash!!) x

  3. What buffet? I thought it was a somethingoranother (or something). When did you start using such bourgeois terminology? You’ll be getting a hostess trolley and serving salmon mousse next…

    Anyway, the scotch eggs were a marvel, I felt honoured to partake of them. And Mummy and Daddy Pash are lovely and I hope Neil enjoys his trrraaynin’ dayee, ( and priorrritoises his abjecteevs, damn yer oyes..).


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