It's the 4Networking way

Just checking in before doing lots of notalot today and saw a Tweet about me.

Great friend and MD of 4Networking, Brad Burton is one of my biggest fans. Throughout running my business and also through this whole charade, he has been a star. I will be accused of other 4Ners of kissing his ass. Believe me. No thanks. I’d rather drink his sambuca! He and the whole network have supported me in so so many ways. I’m going to do more write ups on that in future, without this turning into a business blog. But mostly, I comment because it’s emotional and practical support that they have offered me. Beyond wildest expectations.

Anyhow. This Tweet.

Goes like this:

“hah.. tall, attractive, 1 nork, wonky leg, bald & beard. UR a porn perverts dream and i love ya. Does that make me a pervert”

The answer is yes.

If you are involved in business, check out the free forum – it’s mad, funny, very useful and if you get it right, it generates BUSINESS. Yes, real stuff that gives you money. However, see if you can get it right. Dive in and sell, sell, sell and you won’t. You don’t have to be a business person but you do have to add some value. I know my parents lurk (cringe at my posts) and I wouldn’t mind betting that they, one day, won’t be able to resist logging in and commenting. Wonder if they will be users ‘Mummy Pash’ and ‘Daddy Pash’.

It’s also a massive, UKandgoinginternational network. You MUST LOOK!

4 responses to “It's the 4Networking way

  1. I will agree with PASH 4networking is a great networking group and when we started Wooden Tiger had loads of support from the group.

    Thanks to 4N I have made some great mates

    Not going to ass kiss – not my style but 4N is worth a look.

    Keep making us all smile PASH – luvre ya

    Mads x

  2. Hi Pash

    We have yet to meet ‘cos I have only been around 4N since November. But I agree, I love it and having tried all the formats over the past 10 years find 4N the best. Brad is also the only MD with whom I have shared a ‘night night x’ tweet!

    You reputation is legendary, keep it up girl.


  3. Hehe Tim Lyon’s in the house!!! He’s one of “my” recruits, Pash, and is a very cool man! Good to see he’s been checking you out 😉

    Yeah 4N is fab, I wouldn’t know you if it wasn’t for it, and even that there Brad geezer is a diamond in his own loud Manc way!

  4. Hi Pash

    Not met you yet but love reading about your exploits on 4N, twitter and your blog.

    Another 4N convert here – its fab and has done wonders for me as I have more friends (not that I was billy no mates before) and my business is becoming more professional by the day.

    Thanks for making me chuckle.

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