I'm turning into a junkie

6am and I woke with hurty ankles. Supposed to have a lie in today. 10am the alarm is set for. ‘We’ve’ just finished earlies and moving to lates so I shouldn’t be awake really. Wanted my steroid. Down to 1 a day now. So I got up and taken it, with food, so may as well have Rice Krispies and here I am. Not sure where the chemo drugs Neil collected are. Think in my bedroom drawer, so they can start later today. They don’t make a difference to how I feel though, so I don’t care about them. Weird that the steroids are the ones giving me side effects, yet I found the need to take them. Did take a Cod Liver Oil as well, though. I wonder if I forgot yesterdays with all the changes and that’s why ankles hurt? Yes, that’s what I’ll say and then I can pretend I have an excuse for hurtyness and still be progressing.

Looking forward to trying Reiki for the first time this morning. I don’t know anything about is really but I was ‘drawn’ to it so am trying it.

Now. Shall I shut up and go back to bed or do some work. mmmmmmmm

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  1. Go back to bed – but ‘spect it’s a bit late to be saying that now. 🙂 xx

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