Reality check

Never watched the Ross Kemp in Afghan before. On now. Had switched laptop off for the night but felt inspired to write.

Bloody hell. An achey arse muscle and a bit of cancer is nothing, is it?

These guys have to suffer ration food, heat, d&v, getting shot at, being away from their loved ones. Not to mention getting shot at and dealing with local casualties. I know the British Army is voluntary, but damn. Considering I was with a soldier for some years and know a few more, you’d think I would have considered it more in the past. But I’ve only ever seen news reports on this type of thing. And that’s a bit like watching Neil playing Call of Duty on the XBox. This is real people, real life, filmed as it happened.

Anyone who finds me inspirational, thank you. But even I need to toughen up sometimes and realise that my shit is not big shit. Not by a long shot.

I don’t know enough to comment on whether the UK should or should not be at war with anyone or any country. But I do know that I am very grateful to those who choose this way of life in the name of our country. May God, PMA or doughnuts, whatever you believe in, keep you safe and bring you home safely when you’ve finished.

2 responses to “Reality check

  1. Sarah

    you’re a legend. You’re attitude never fails to amaze me xxx

  2. Could not imagine anything worse than arse ache, get Neil massaging for all he is worth. Chin up and all that, your blog is on my favourite list, even my daughter Amelia reads it. (well she is a nosey teenager and wants to know what I look at, My PMA vs Goat Boys in Leather, of course you win hands down)

    Much love, hope your arse feels better soon xxxx

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