Hoo ya and Mr Frodo

I smiled into the mirror today and got a few wrinkles. Which means the Moonface is finally deflating. Hoooo yaaaaaaaa as GI Jane would say.

I have also decided to rename my cancer Mr Frodo – to be said with a bumpkin accent, please. Mr Frodo is a character from Bored (Lord) of the Rings. I cannot recall the story as I fell asleep during the film when it arrived on the big screen but what I recall, I stupid little annoying thing did nothing but move around and irritate me with no obvious advantage to me, it or life in general. Seems apt.

Looking forward to laughing my (less achey) arse off tomorrow evening at Jimmr Carr Live in Salisbury. One of the boy’s Chrstmas presents. I might dress suitably Christmassy. Although getting dressed would be an advance on today. Whoops. Good day but busy busy with admin!

5 responses to “Hoo ya and Mr Frodo

  1. Glad to hear the moon is on the wane! x

  2. I still dont get the Mr Frodo thing although you saying it in the accent is proper funny….. I’m not curious enough to watch bored of the rings tho xx

  3. Enjoy Jimmy Carr tonight, your blog makes me smile, your are an inspiration

    love and hugs

    Carol xx

  4. Bored of the rings… So with you on that one. thought i was the only one who has never watched the whole thing… Yawn… heavy eyes, shutdown…..

  5. have a fab time lovely… dont pee yourself laughing xx

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