If you're not going to do it, don't ask

you frickin moron websites.

“would you like me to remember you?”

“ooooh…yes, please” responds Pash.

(website says in a whisper with a devlish tone) mwah ha ha ha ha..only if you use me within an hour or so. If you leave me for 12 hours or more I will forget you and force you to look at your listofmanypasswords. Which DOES, perchance, look like josephscoatofmanycolours and give me similar headaches.

Facebook have it right. Let you stay logged in for umpteen years but give you errors every other post. Yes, that’s the way.

I love internet. Nearly as good as by Blackberryapple phone.

I might write with a pen all day tomorrow, so if you don’t hear from me, worry not, it might be in the post.

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  1. Here, here – Drives me nuts too! x

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