Bad day yesterday

Last I remembered was typing an email. Which at the time, I thought I was typing fine.

Next thing I remember, Neil was up, the ashtray was all over the floor, as was my squash.

I’d writtten this:

“I have not is really black include a plus will pus but what I what I what coming today tonight, I as I as gut7rtgx yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesssvdcc”

It worried me more that I didn’t remember what happened than the fact my brain is going to go do-lally now and again. I guess that what Mr Frodo does! So I called the hospital and they said get down there. ECG, blood tests, Xray. Pretty much every test under the sun. 3 hours I was there. Nothing wrong. Phew. Was also pleased to find out that my tickly cough is just a ticky cough and not Mr Frodo getting ideas above his station of getting worse in the chest.


So, as the hospital is just a spit away, I got Neil to come back and give me a lift home. He dropped me literally just at the end of the path. On coming in the front gate, it was dark and I must have managed to fall over my boot laces. I fell full weight on to my right ribs. Bloooooooooooody hell. I didn’t know what to do with myself. Scuffed hand and knee, too. But I couldn’t get up. Fortunately, my phone was in my pocket and I phoned Neil again and he came back.

It hurts. A lot. Worse cos I have got this stupid tickly cough.

Today the sun is out and I am going to do little admin things. But not too much in front of the laptop. It will be a good day.

5 responses to “Bad day yesterday

  1. Aw dear, sorry to hear that. Maybe it was tiredness after your long day the day before? Get some rest, slounge in the lounge in the sunshine.


  2. Oh you silly moo, that was daft. What’s Neil doing leaving you at the end of the path, not much of a gentleman if he didn’t walk you home!

    Hope you’re feeling better today and not too battered and bruised. And I reck0on you need a good proofreader to sort out that email 😉 We auctioned one off today!

    Love you loads Sarah xxx

  3. Glad you didn’t land on your left tit!!!

    Hope you have a good bruise to show for it! I like bruises x

  4. I like your Mum lol 🙂 etc! Hope the bruises are still around next weekend so we can give you loads of ooohing and ahhhing!xxxxxxx

  5. Like the sound of you too Rockermum 🙂

    Looking forward to meeting you soon x

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