As the sun sets, I look straight out onto Poole Harbour from my lounge. It’s been busy in the park today, with lots of dog walkers and kite flyers and I find myself wishing death. Not on myself or anyone, but on the tree in the neighbours garden! By the time those little buds come out, it will obcsure the view quite tremendously. How rude! It’s almost like is designed to block the view in between the evergreens in the park! Ho hum, it could be a lot worse! And the little birdies seem to be happy chirping around in it.

As for me today, I am a bit sick of this malarkey. The steroids are reducing, but my face is still very puffy and head very woozy and I’m tired. I can feel my moustache growing back despite sitting watching Blood Diamond last week, gently plucking with my fingers! A reduction of the steroids again tomorrow will hopefully be on the way to stopping the hair growth and reducing the bloating. My mobility is getting better. I am convinced that any pain I get is working is way up my body, soon to disappear out of my head. Currently in my back but only really painful first thing in the morning. I have a cough (which they checked was nothing to worry about the day) but that, of course is causing pain in my rib from when I fell over. Ho hum, A&E is on the TV and there is a lot more people in a lot more pain than me. So toughen up princess!!!!

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  1. You are so funny, and I would be thinking the same about the tree! Hope you got my text this weekend just let me know if yoy fancy an old bird whinging about the lack of love in her life over for lunch- I will provide the lunch x

  2. One night when he goes to work Neil could take a pair of clippers to it!

    That’s the tree of course – not your moustache – he! he! x

  3. Nice neighbour is on holiday but when he returns I will ask him the name of the deadly chemical we fed to the tree next to my drive……. after many times of asking the other neighbour to cut it back and stop it scratching the side of my car we took matters into our own hands. Now I ask, what tree???

  4. not mum, jax, crims!!

  5. I watched the final interview today that Dennis Potter the writer did with Melvyn Bragg (part of my uni degree, not because I have some obsession with people dying) and in it he said something that reminded me of you and this post. He said that in his illness he had come to appreciate the here and now, he described in his interview how he looked at the blossom on a tree, before he was diagnosed as being terminally ill, he admitted he would have just looked and thought ‘great, white blossom’ but suddenly he was looking at it, in the midst of his illness as suddenly, ‘a fantastic, white blossom, bursting etc etc’ (thats the gist, his words were more eloquent than mine). The quote that was taken from the interview that appears as a heading in the Guardians list of All Time Greatest Interviews is this: ‘We tend to forget that life can only be lived in the present.’ I thought of you. Much love x

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