Thank you

Comments from people you love really do help even though I don’t respond.

And a good parp.

And having a bath and being able to get out unassisted. Falling the other day and not being able to get up knocked me a bit and as I struggled the other day to get out of the bath, I thought I might have to call on Neil’s detained persons training. Fortunately that was not required as in finding out what that training is called, I have found they are training to do with 2 persons. eeeeek. Note to self, get the F better so never required. Frodo you’re in for it.

27 responses to “Thank you

  1. Getting out of the bath unassisted – excellent!

    Even I can’t guarantee that!

    Maybe you just washed off the doom and gloom!


  2. A good parp??? Remember you’re a Princess!!

    It sounds like the PMA is slowing on it’s way back……….keep it going.

    Sending you love xxxx

  3. 10 out 10 for you! Luv ya xxxx

  4. You have nothing to be ashamed of. You are doing really well and setting a great example for the rest of us to follow.

  5. Just to say-I feel so immensely proud of you!
    When I went through cervical cancer ops and treatments, I never would of been able to write a blog.
    I know people look up to you and your pma-and I know it’s okay to have shit times too. You’re human and struggling… That is what everyone loves you for…

  6. Hi – hope you are okay as you havn’t posted for a few days…

    Theresa x (from BCC)

  7. Hi Pash, missing your daft stories, hope you are ok, love

    Carol xxx

  8. Don’t panic but Sarah is currently in hospital and says she is fine

    Normal service will be resumed as soon as possible

  9. Thanks for letting us know… sending her loads of love and hope they let her escape soon… x

  10. Thanks for the update ‘mum’, 🙂 Send her lots of hugs and best wishes, hope she is out soon. xxx

  11. Hope your feeling better soon Sarah, i miss your updates.
    Take it easy, big squeeezy hug (not too tight) xxx

  12. Loads of big, gentle but powerfully positive BXC hugs are on their way ….

  13. Hey darling,
    feeling a little lost without your blogs as they’ve naturally become a mandatory daily tinterweb ritual! Even with everything you’re going through you still manage to make me smile with your brilliant humour and positivity.

    All our love and prayers are with you treasure.

    Davinia & Lola x

  14. I DEMAND an update, your blog, gosh it’s like my Mums fix of Coronation Street. Addictive.

    Hope ur ok doll xxxxxx Much love <3

    Oh that <3 is me showing off, it's a heart on Facebook………

  15. wish i had a magic wand cos my prayers dont seem to be working. fight kid, fight, i got my gloves on too and im right there with you xx

  16. so sad they have whisked you away from us so soon….. you have changed so many lives and will continue to do so xxxxxx

  17. inspirational,beautiful, rude, passionate, larger than life, feisty, loyal = PASH. Love ya mate

  18. Pash come back and finish the story …. life won’t be the same without you in it.

  19. God has his Passionate PA, Jesus is redundant.

    My thoughts are with Sarahs parents,Neil and all who love her. God Bless. xxxxxxx

  20. Goodbye Sarah, your an insparation. Love to Sarah’s family and friends xxxx

  21. There are few people in life that touch you, Sarah was one of those people for me. I never met Sarah but her blog often had me laughing & crying within the same few lines. All who knew her must be very proud of her – such an inspiration.

    My love goes to Neil, Sarah’s Mum & Dad, SJ & Becs and all her family & friends.

    God bless you Sarah xxx

  22. Uncle Pete and Aunty Chris

    Goodnight, God bless you, Sarah, too upset to type anymore, love to everyone xxx

  23. Sarah, I still havent really taken it all in but when I think of you I think of all that incredible energy, joy, sparkle, radiance, positivity and fun loving cheekyness! Right until the end, cancer never broke that beautiful strong spirit which is now free. Heaven’s just got a whole lot brighter…live on in happiness and peace our ‘Sarah from next door’ xxx

  24. I never met Sarah, but I feel so sad at this news. I only knew her through her posts and she touched my soul that way, heaven knows how those of you who loved her for real must feel. My thoughts are with you all. xxxxx

  25. So sorry to hear this news… Can only agree with every word Dena has just posted…

    Sending much love to all Sarah’s family and friends…

    Theresa x

  26. I can’t believe I am reading this, Pash I never got to meet you either but the way you faced your illness was awesome.

    Ali xx

  27. Sarah growing up you were my Big Sister next door who I admired and was simply in awe of-you walked into a room and it was instantly filled with light and laughter!! You are so loved, so celebrated and your essence lives on in the hearts of those who love you;-) Sarah you are now in paradise-set free and no doubt ruffling a few feathers!!! Until we meet again…Love you always and forever Serena xx

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