News you didn't want…

It’s with a heavy heart that we have to let everyone know that after marrying her sweetheart Neil in a beautiful ceremony yesterday afternoon, Sarah succumbed after contracting pneumonia a few days ago and passed away at around 6.00 yesterday evening. She was surrounded by her family and friends at her passing.

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  1. My darling best friend,

    Grief is a by product of love,

    and I have loved every second of you


  2. It’s so sad to hear this news, RIP Pash and your PMA will be with you, wherever you are, condolences to her family and friends xxx

  3. My heart is filled with sadness at this terrible news. Sarah really was a shining star who has been taken far too soon. My thoughts are with all of you who have loved and taken care of Sarah. May your spirit be ever free and joyfull Sarah.
    Much love
    Dena xxxx

  4. Hope that PMA is still with you.Whatever anyone says “positive” is not a bad word.
    May you be free and happy where you are.
    Love n hugs to your family and your new husband.
    Sarah was and will continue to be an inspiration to all going through BC.
    Dot (BCC forums)

  5. I have followed pash’s story both on bc website and here and loved her spirit and sense of fun. I am stunned to hear this sad news and my thoughts are with her husband and family at this time.

  6. In the dark of the night I saw your smile and you comforted me when I was unable to comfort you.

    Thank you for allowing me to share in a small part of your life. I will never forget you.

  7. Pash you were a true inspiration. I never met you, but feel as if I did through your blog. For someone who has had bc and is it a higher risk than some of developing secondaries – Sarah you offered hope and a way forward for living with disease. You accomplished a remarkable amount in a tiny space of time. You have helped pass on your PMA to others Victoria x

  8. The unbearable sadness of this should not belittle the spirit of Sarah, which was something we would all love to achieve. A life well lived, but way too short. May her family and friends find much comfort in their wonderful memories. xJacqx

  9. rest in peace you wonderful girl, you were a true inspiration to a lot of us girls on the forum, you will be the brightest star in the sky.

    PMA forever

    Carol xx

  10. sleep peacefully Pash,what an inspirational lady.You blew onto the forum like a breath of fresh air with your PMA and beautiful smile.

    my thoughts are with pash’s husband family and friends.

    god bless xx

  11. Oh dear, even though I didn’t know her other that through her blog and the BCC forums, this is such a shock. Such a lovely, lively person.

    Neil, you are going through my worst nightmare, and I can only offer my deepest sympathy to you and Sarah’s family.

  12. Having followed and been inspired by her blog, I am absolutley devastated at this news.
    So cruel that she had so little time.
    I have no words to ease your pain but please know that my thoughts and utmost sympathies are with Pash’s husband, family and friends.
    I trust you have some wonderful memories to comfort you.
    I can’t believe that someone I never met could have such an impact on my life – but she did and I will never forget her and her feisty attitude.
    So sorry, so sad

  13. So, so sorry for Sarah’s husband & family. She was a trouper and lit up many peoples’ darkest days.
    A life far too short, but she reached more people than most do, in threescore years & ten.
    I will never forget her brightness and smile.
    Rest now Sarah xxxxxxxx

  14. Sarah was such an inspiration to so many people, I have been following her blogg and her spirit was amazing.
    Such a sad time for all her family and friends so my heart goes out to them all. She left so much behind for everyone….

  15. so, so sorry to hear this news. So unfair, and way too young. love to you all.

  16. So sorry to hear of Sarah’s passing. I know her light will live on in all who knew her. My thoughts are with you all as you grieve.
    Anne x

  17. I couldn’t believe it when I heard the news.

    Sarah’s energy and her enthusiasm and huge courage will remain an inspiration. She will be sadly missed, but not forgotten by all of us who were lucky enough to know her.

    I found the following which I thought was appropriate;

    Please God, tell me why, Friends have to die.
    Its not fair and its not right, Oh god, Why some night?
    I didn’t think life could end so fast, She is so young her years won’t last.
    It’ll be too late to say goodbye, Please god, Tell me why?
    I know we’re all meant to someday die, Still god, I have to ask why?

    My condolences to go her family and friends

  18. This is such tragic news, my heart goes out to Sarahs husband, family and friends x

  19. such tragic news , such a fantastic young woman , didnt know you Sarah but you have certainly touched my life . i hope your family find some comfort that you were an amazing woman who touched the lives of strangers

  20. Well since the day I meet you at lloyds tsb you had a big effect on me…helping me in my new job and being a great friend. Showing me how to sure of my self and positive.Lots of lovely lunches and fun night outs. Someone to really look up to. Sarah since I found out of your illness I read your post religiously. I loved the way that you helped me to understand what you where going through. I found your blog and your FB page very brave, fun and you voiced your views just like we were sitting in a room together. Thank you Sarah for letting me have an insight in how the last 10 months have been. This am in NZ myself and my family were very upset when i opened up your blog and read the news even my little girl who asked about you often after seeing pics of you with and without hair and saying to me she found you beautiful in all your pics….we have been following your progress weekly. Our love and thoughts now go out to your family and wonderful friends…love you lots Sarah and thank you. xx

  21. gutted to hear this news, i never knew or met the beautiful pash , my heart goes out to her husband ,family and friends . what an amazing girl, u have touched my life with your pma , nightgod bless xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  22. I first met Sarah through my wife Steffie some years ago and thought what a fantastic bright person.
    The last time I saw her was at Poole hospital at the cancer day clinic. She had the appointment after us with Chackers. This was a week after we had seen each other at the scan clinic. Bearing in mind what was happening in her life at that time she was still absolutely delighted to hear we had had some good news. Lots of hugging and smiling with tears of joy.
    This is my memory of her. Totally selfless and always having more time for others. What a wonderful lady.
    I shall miss her blog rants. RIP Sarah x

  23. Oh Sarah, how very very sad,you and my son were diagnosed about the same time, and you were always so lovely asking about Jason. Am so glad you met the love of your life, but such a shame you had so little time together. Rest in peace.xxxx

  24. What a privilege to have known you, what a legacy you have left. Start the party Pash – we’ll be with you shortly! xxx

  25. So so sad that somebody who obviously loved and appreciated life has been cruelly snatched away. Condolences to friends and family.

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