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I’ll leave what I posted when I first set this blog up. But I guess it’s time for an update as things have changed quite a lot, and I am a fan of summaries for people who don’t have the time or inclination to read everything ever written.

It’s the end of January 2010 and the sun has been shining. I’ve been glued to two things today. My laptop (working mostly so I can get my business sold) and also the inside of my eyelids. Lots of snoozes. Yum.

Anyway. The journey started in June 2009 really. I got diagnosed with Inflammatory Breast Cancer. For some strange reason, I always knew I’d get cancer. But I’d decided it wasn’t going to kill me. Looks now like I may have got that bit wrong. But maybe not. Maybe aliens will land or I’ll fall off a kerb in my usual klutz style and die a much more interesting death! Anyway, end of 2009 brought the news that I have Inflammatory Breast Cancer in my brain. Only me. Breast cancer in the heed. It’s also in my lung and liver a teeny bit just for good measure.

The blog started because I wanted to keep people as up to date on progress as possible. I wanted to document the good bad and ugly of this journey. I have been absolutely overwhelmed by the incredible love, strength and support of family and friends, acquaintances, business associates and random people I don’t even know. The world is an amazing place with amazing people in it. Embrace it!

Original bit…..I’m a 34 year old single white female living in Bournemouth, UK. I run my own business which is 20 months old. I have a Positive Mental Attitude (PMA) and it turns out I’m gonna need it as I have just been diagnosed with inflammatory breast cancer. I’m writing this blog for a few reasons. So that I can remember the ups and downs of my journey. So other people can learn from my experiences. And also so that those who care can keep abreast (geddit!?) of the situation if I don’t get a chance to call/text/email everyone. It’s only really dawned on me in the last few days how many friends I have. It’s wonderful, but also a full time job keeping them updated on how things are going!!!

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  1. Hi, Claire Bayley sent your info to me, I wnet through the cancer thing a week befor easter in 2007, No lump just a recall from my first mammogram aged 49, I was moaning that they had called me in a year early (thank god they did), I had a flat cancer in my right breast, a week later at the MRI scan they found something in my left breast, that COULD!!!! turn nasty, the decission was made to lose them both on the Monday before easter (lots of chocolate to make me feel better!), I had Chemo, lost my hair, no shaving for months there is a good side, I knew I would find it, then radiotherapy I worked through this, work and friends made it better and my husband works at the same place so he was happy he could be near me, I have just had another 6 month check up and all is looking fine (It wont get me you know)
    Feel positive, be positive and things will be positive.
    My belly dancing friend Sue had breast cancer too and we did the last Race for life dressed all in Pink belly dancing outfits it was GREAT!

    I am waiting for a reconstruction op after a second opinion and will be getting a tummy tuck into the bargain MMmmm Lots of new outfits coming up, watch this space.

    Moira Hawkins

  2. Love the attitude – it is so important.

    Get all the tips you can re the radio it effects people in very different ways. The moisturiser is a good one


  3. Laura McHarrie is seeking a non-expletive to summarise your situation – I can’t, so better not print it!
    With your news of 28th this awful year just got worse – you’re a shining star in our dark world and we all love you!
    Paul Booker

  4. Hey Sarah-my first time on here as mama has been keeping me up-to-date with all your news!! Lovin your blog Sarah-you are such an inspirational, wonderful, beautiful woman and I am so pleased to have had you in my life! I am so touched by your fantastic approach to life and particulary this extremely challenging chapter…I love you sooooooooooo much and would really like to see you very soon as it has been far toooooooo long!!! You are as always very much in our thoughts and prayers…Serena and the rest of the Crispies xxxx

  5. this is the first time i have written and as you know typing is not my not my thing
    i was blessed to have met you and in a strange way know you are still in my life
    you will never be forgotten and am so please you met the right man
    and yes one day i will as you said meet the right woman
    may the angels protect you
    you are the best guy xx

  6. Sarah , You was an Inspiration to Many , Your Light
    was so Beautiful it will never be forgotten .
    All I want to say is thank you Sarah for Showing me
    the way , I hope that you are Smiling where you
    are now , and the Angels have wrapped you in there
    Wings …..

    Samantha xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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